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Our Certified Technicians are simply the best. Trained and Certfied, our Technicians are here to help you with your products before and after your purchase. By the way, our Doctor makes Housecalls.

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Battery Load Test

Dead cells, shorts, etc. in mobility batteries are the most common reasons why scooters fail. Let The Scooter Doctor perform a electronic Battery Load Test to determine the status of your battery and determine if a replacement is necessary. The Scooter Doctor has the proper equipment and experience to locate and repair your mobility device quickly and effectively.

Charger Voltage Test

Your charger is a very important part of your scooter performance. Unfortunately, if your charger is damaged, has a short or not giving out the correct amperage, your scooter and/or battery can be damaged. We will perform a state-of-the-art Charger Voltage Test to insure you have a properly working charger.

Ignition Test

You turn the key on and nothing happens. The ignition switch circuitry can have a short, or loose connection that can cause damage to your scooter controller. We will perform a stress ignition test to make sure it performs as expected.

Electronic Controlling Testing

If the motor is the heart of your mobility scooter, then the Electronic Controller are the veins that sends the electrical impulses to the motor, wheels and the electronic panel. This sophisticated electronic unit can be the cause of many scooter failures. The Scooter Doctor does a complete diagnostic of the Controller to determine current and possible future failure of your scooter.

Electronic Panel Diagnostic

You’re a busy person — don’t let mobility problems get in your way. There are a wide variety of problems that can occur with your scooter, A major cause of scooter failure is due to the Electronic Ignition and console. We perform a sophisticated diagnostic test on the console to determine and isolate any electronic issues including electric shorts in the ignition and speed controls.

Wheel Bearing Test

Wheels frozen, clicking sounds. These could be the results of a bad transaxle, brakes or just some impediments gunking up the works. The Scooter Doctor inspects, aligns and lubes the wheel and wheel bearings as necessary.

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